People Stories: National Apprenticeship Week 2024

Across The Clarison Group, we are celebrating National Apprenticeship Week from 5-11 February 2024.

Here are some of the stories from our Apprentices about how an apprenticeship has provided them with Skills for Life to build their knowledge and skillset for a rewarding career.

Name: Charlie Williams

Based at: MultiFab, Rotherham Factory

Programme: Level 2 Fenestration Fabrication Apprenticeship

Charlie joined MultiFab in September 2023 and is undertaking a Fenestration Fabrication Apprenticeship. The apprenticeship takes place over an 18-month period and involves both on and off-the-job training to impart the knowledge, skills, and behaviours to be a successful fabricator in our industry.

In Charlie’s first three months, he has learnt a lot and he has been focusing on utilising tools in the fabrication of windows. As a kinetic learner, Charlie prefers to learn by doing, in our manual and hands-on environment. Whilst it is still early days on the apprenticeship Charlie has found a keen interest in learning how things work and is looking forward to taking on more as he progresses.

Charlie’s Line Manager, Dan Hartshorn, Fabrication Manager, has been impressed with how well Charlie has settled into the working environment and on the factory floor. When questioned about the experience of having an apprentice on board, Dan’s response highlighted a sense of refreshment. The presence of an apprentice like Charlie has been viewed positively, contributing to the overall diversity of our workforce in the manufacturing field.

We take pride in fostering a diverse work environment and are thrilled to provide programmes like apprenticeships that enhance of our staff’s skills. It’s a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and skill development within the organisation.

Name: Sarah Snowden

Based at: EAG, Mildenhall

Programme: Level 3 Human Resources Support Apprenticeship

Sarah has been with the organisation since June 2022 and is undertaking a Human Resources Support apprenticeship. The apprenticeship takes place over a 12-15 month period, involving both on and off-the-job training, online workshops, and written assignments. The modules Sarah is learning about will enable her to become an effective HR Professional and it will lead to her CIPD (Chartered Institute of Professional Development) membership.

In Sarah’s first three months, she has been learning about the important role of a HR professional, the role within an organisation, analysing data, and employment law. Sarah has said she is thoroughly enjoying the apprenticeship and the topics covered, she is enjoying getting back into the academic mind frame.

Sarah’s Line Manager, Debbie Calver, HR Manager said she “has been impressed with how well Sarah is managing her daily workload alongside her learning commitments. Sarah is still in the early stages of the apprenticeship but already I can see Sarah growing in confidence as she is able to put her learning into practice. Great achievement so far, well done”.

Name: James Turner

Based at: EAG, Cannock Design Office

Programme: Level 3 Engineering Design and Draughtsperson Apprenticeship

James joined EAG at the start of September 2023 and is undertaking an Engineering Design and Draughtsperson Apprenticeship. The apprenticeship takes place over 42 months and involves both on and off-the-job training, both practical and theoretical. The apprenticeship is enabling James to have the skills and behaviours required to be a successful Designer. Based at our Cannock Office, James is working alongside an experienced Design team who assist with his growth and impart their experiences and learnings onto him.

James has said he is enjoying his apprenticeship, he thoroughly enjoys learning about the drawings of design, and especially the mathematics side! He is enjoying being able to learn the theory behind design and then put it into practice.

In James’ first three months, he has started to learn about the software used within design and is looking forward to his week of Revit training where he’ll learn about 3D modelling within design, and how it’s used for interior and exterior design.

Bringing James on board as a design apprentice within the Cannock office team for EAG has been a great opportunity to invest in the skillsets of design going forward. James’ Line Manager Philip Knowles, Design Manager has said “James has been a valuable asset since joining us in September as it has allowed the design team within the office to showcase their knowledge and skills to educate James and to support him in his learning and development. I have found it to be a good experience so far and I am excited to see James develop his knowledge and skills and to put these in place during and after the completion of his apprenticeship with us.”

Name: Alana Brigden

Based at: EAG, Mildenhall

Programme: Level 3 T Level work placement in Construction Design, Surveying and Planning

Alana is currently completing her 60-day work placement and her two years with EAG for her T Level Construction Design, Surveying and Planning course, which she is due to complete by May 2024. Alana has been learning about how EAG works within the industry, and the different departments within the organisation, learning all about the different roles within the company and the industry. 

Alana has had the opportunity to visit several of our current project sites and meet with our Project Mangers, Site Mangers, Installers and Health and Safety team. Throughout her work placement, Alana has worked with each team within EAG from Manufacturing, Estimating, Procurement, Commercial, Design, and Projects. She has been able to gain a wealth of experience and it has been a real joy to have Alana with EAG and be able to impart experience and knowledge to her.

We would like to congratulate Alana on her dedication and her commitment during her work placement with EAG. Keep up the good work.

To find out more about our Apprenticeship, Placement, and Graduate opportunities, visit our company websites: Alucraft Ltd.Alucraft SystemsEAG, MultiFab, and Williaam Cox